Thursday, March 20, 2008

20.3. Black goat`s sabbath- muffins with red evileye

Hello! This is long time since my last posting..
But I have done many things and I have also photographed them.
Those muffins are baked for one meeting which we have with our Wolf/large carnivore-action group. They were wery tasty and everyone in that meeting liked them!
I used this recipe from Tofy For Two: but I decided to make some changes for orginal recipe. Instead of oil I used apple sauce and also leave out that green tea and substituted it for vanilla soy milk. I also used only spelt flours insted of wheat flours and adding some rolled oats and wheat germs in dough. I used ilttle smaller amount of sugar because that vanilla soy milk and apple sauce brings also little sweetnes and good flavour.I leave out that topping thing but decided to put one
frozen strawberry inside of each muffin.
I liked how they turned out really tasty and moist!
those apple pieces in dough and in ready muffins.
I think I should bake them again :)


Andréa N. said...

Your blog has the best title I've ever seen! Cheers.

Rural Vegan said...

You have the most interesting landscapes for your food photos!

Anonymous said...

you are right - those muffins look fantastic!

Liz² said...

haha, I love your blog! and those muffins are adorable/evil/all things awesome! :D

Urban Vegan said...

That's a funny name.

About my kefte kabobs--sorry, no recipe yet. I just improvised.