Thursday, April 10, 2008

10.4.2008 Smells like...CARCASS!

OK, first some important bubling about my- "again", music interests.. Carcass! They are coming Finland in this summer and they come to play reunion gig in Tuska-metal festival, here in Helsinki! Im so intereated to see them live(but havent got the ticket yet...I HAVE NO MONEY :( yet, but soon I will get it..). ANd today I visited in your new record store which was opened yesterday, and I notised I have enough money for only one record-only one!! There was so many good records!! I decided this Carcass-choise cuts compilation because I haven`t it yet(it was also cheap..) and I was thinking it maybe helps me a bit for this suffering cause of that long waiting for upcoming gig in summer.

Carcass are a British band formed by Napalm Death guitarist Bill Steer together with drummer Ken Owen in 1985. They are based in Liverpool. In 1987, bassist and vocalist Jeff Walker, formerly of the Electro Hippies, joined them, who grew up in the North East of England. Carcass have been a very influential band within the grindcore and death metal scenes. They disbanded in 1995, but will reunite in 2008. And we shall also notice that at in early days all of those guys were vegetrians and vegans! And I think some of them still are! Vegan,guttural and metal!
What could be any beter!!

This is a quote from one interwiew which Ken Owen tells a bit more:
"There's also talk that you guys were ironically vegetarian. Is there any truth to that?
KO: Yeah. Obviously, we had become vegetarians beforehand, but the vegetarianism and the death metal imagery we used in the lyrics is ironic, yes. "
...And inscribed for those guys I made this guttural, mushy,tasty vegan lasagna with nooch topping! It was awesome-and tasty looking like those carcass record covers....
This is one shot for my recent Autopsy buns, wiht some seitan salami and sundried tomatoes+ some news paper with interesting article about hard core punk+"Kilju"(=Finnish STRONG type of cheap, home made alcohol..Popular among those old school,HC-punks..).

Saturday, April 5, 2008

5.4.08 Bread Autopsy

My latest bakings were been muffins,more muffins and-suprise! Some bread!
Those buns were born because I was thinking at I was craving some fresh,straight from owen and mouth stuff for the "side" of my seitansausageslices.
I decided to try spelt,rye and grahamflours for making those buns and also some dried paprika mince which gives nice colour and tastines in dough. I used also some soaking liquid for sundried tomatoes and that was a good decicion. I added sesame,pumpkin and flaxseeds in dough and also decorated buns with them before I bake them.
The outcome was really great! I was eating these so many, they matched really great with my spicy seitanish sausage slices ;)
Because this blog is also about my other interests than making some booring- buns I named those bunnie`s according one of my favourite deathmetal band: Autopsy!So those bakings were The Seedy-Surgery buns.
Autopsy`s Mental funeral- record suited well also in that baking proces and outcome was really "guttural".... Surgery begins!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

30.3.08 Some "kitchen friends" and..Suprise

OK, I have been wery busy with my studies in recent weeks.

So, I haven`t posted anything new but I promise I`m coming to poting more cooking stuff in next week(I hope I will post in tomorrow if I just (again..)) have some time to do it.
But this is great begining of my postings. I have been cooking a lot of rcent times and also sometimes take some photos. But in this post you shall see my new (and not so new) kitchen companions.

That yellow one is lovely, miniature lemon tree which moved for sitting on our kitchens table about week before easter. It was such a love in first seeing,I like those yellow, bright colour of small, lemons.(Only "not-so-great" thing is that at they aren`t eatable sort of lemons..).

This is small "kotitonttu"(=Finnish "home elf" which lives usually in kitchen) which I find when I was grubbing one of kitchen cupboards. I was thinking "what? Who are you?" and this small "tonttu" just staring me for those little black, button eyes.. Well, I was thinking at he suits better to taking care of my "kitchen tree" than lurking from that cupboard. I named he "Yrjö" which is little "oldish" finnish mans name, but also means.. Vomit. But that elf is nice and not brings me any associations with..Vomit. Just Yrjö.

OK.. And this is my wery best( and oldest of those which I have mentioned in this post) kitchen friend, and also the wery best friend outside kitchen. Nelli. Shes lying on the flooor and looks..Hmm.. A bit bored? OK, she is N-O-T vegan, if she could decide she wants only eat meat and by products in every form avaible. But, sometimes I can fool her a bit-> She likes seitan! And hates oatporridge in every form(I love oat porridge with blueberry soup!) but thats another post...

And then the SUPRISE! This is not actually my "kitchen friend" but I like it a lot! MÄMMI! Again one of those strange finnish traditions. Mämmi is used to eat durin easter time, so I have been eating mämmi about 2 weeks now(and still have some in my fridge!). Mämmi is made from water, rye flour and powdered rye malt, seasoned with dark molasses, salt and dried, powdered Seville orange peel. The mixture is then allowed to go through a slow, natural sweetening process before being baked in an oven until set. Preparation takes many hours, and after baking the mämmi is stored chilled for 3 to 4 days before being ready to eat. Sometimes mild fermentation can occur during preparation.
Generally mämmi is eaten cold with either cream and sugar, vanilla sauce or vanilla ice-cream. It is also eaten spread on top of a slice of bread. I love to eat mämmi with Alpro`s vanilla soy milk! Heavenly afternoon snack! (and there is also my wery new, gorgeous VCtoW pictured in backround!!)

In this year I bought that organic mämmi with no added sugar. Its more better than those which have sugar added(but they aren`t bad!). I think mämmi is one of most devalued treats, but I think is the only idea why I shall "celebrite" easter(Is doesn`t have any religious mention for me, just eating mämmi and celebrating more like "spring is comin" feast).

But, because I haven`t post any recipe since my "Luumukiisseli"(another finnish tradition) I shall post recipe for preparing home made MÄMMI! (X-treme!!!)


Simple recipe
6 quarts (6 L)water
1 lb. (1 kg) rye malt
3 lbs (1.5 kg) rye flour
molasses to taste
1-2 tsp. salt
4 Tbsp. chopped orange rind

Mix 500 gm of malt with 1 litre of tepid water and put a thick layer of rye flour onto the surface. Cover, and leave it in a warm place for two hours. Sift the remaining malt and flour together. Uncover the pot, mix thoroughly and then add 1 litre of boiling water. Make another layer of malt/flour on the surface, cover the pot and again leave for an hour in a warm place. Repeat until all the ingredients are used. Finally add the salt and bigarade or orange zest and boil for 10 minutes, stirring well. Cool by whisking well and half fill moulds with the cooled mixture. Bake at 150°C (300F) for three hours.

OK. More is coming, keep forward: I have some easter candies, bakings,cookings which I`m coming to post.. Untill that keep on eating mämmi and enjoying your life!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

20.3. Black goat`s sabbath- muffins with red evileye

Hello! This is long time since my last posting..
But I have done many things and I have also photographed them.
Those muffins are baked for one meeting which we have with our Wolf/large carnivore-action group. They were wery tasty and everyone in that meeting liked them!
I used this recipe from Tofy For Two: but I decided to make some changes for orginal recipe. Instead of oil I used apple sauce and also leave out that green tea and substituted it for vanilla soy milk. I also used only spelt flours insted of wheat flours and adding some rolled oats and wheat germs in dough. I used ilttle smaller amount of sugar because that vanilla soy milk and apple sauce brings also little sweetnes and good flavour.I leave out that topping thing but decided to put one
frozen strawberry inside of each muffin.
I liked how they turned out really tasty and moist!
those apple pieces in dough and in ready muffins.
I think I should bake them again :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

13.1.2008 Bloodred, Tandoori owen creation

One day I make this wery simple Tandoori-tofu thing.
I putt it some carlig, minced fresh ginger, spices:tandoori-masala spise mix, pepper, coriander(also fresh!!), lime juice,parsley, balck pepper,cinnamon and little dash of sweet and sour-sauce from a bottle. Then I sauteed some red-onions with those spices, adding one can of tomato puree and tofus,zucchinis, carrots and 2 red peppers+1 yellow pepper. I leave that infusing for about an hour and finally added some salt and fresh herbs.
It was really good,simple, smooth and spicy!

Monday, December 31, 2007

31.12.07 last post in this year (I think)

This you can see my "home laboratorion" and equipments which I`m using when doing some "scientifical tests" and preparing those cookies in my surgerytable.. Like in hospital, and listening some music during the operation.
I think bands like Aborted and Carcass suits best in those situations when there is lots of strict work needed.. And also few words about this new year selebration conventions: I-HATE-THOSE-ROCKETS and FIREWORKS!!! thanks and happy new year when it comes. Bye.


Yesterday I decided to made some muffins. Just because I had so much of that green-topping left which I was used to made those decorations in my METAL-CAMOUFLAGE cookies.

So, because I was feeling that at I must need some heavy stuff again I decided to made some deathmetal-muffins..

What the hell is deathmetal muffin? Someone could think. OK, I can explain, its really simple answer: Deathmetal muffins are those muffins which are baked with listening some good deathmetal during that baking proces.
I was thinking hardly which record I would choose to listen and I ended up to choose that great Bolt Thrower`s newest album named "Those Once Loyal". I decide that allso because I haven`t listened it since long time. SO I started to mix ingredients of " those once loyal"-muffins with accompanient of that "ripping your head off"-guitar roaring and "crushing your face down"-bass wall`s(I ecpesially like the music which is really bass-tuned) I think Bolth Thrower is a one kind of music like that! No any useless melodies or other needless clansing "crab"-deathmetal needs no melodies, in it. I really honour their long lasting- work with deathmetal( the band was formed in 1986) but ecpecially their basist Jo Bench who is such a good player and one of the few women playing in a death metal band(and she`s also a vegetarian since 1984!). I really adorn her...

OK, but back to the baking proces. I searched some wery simply and quick recipe from my recipe folder and ended to made some rasberry(recipe calls to use rasberries) muffins, but because I haven`t any rasberries in my freezer I decided to put 1 cup of redcurrants in that dough. I also used more spices and smaller amount sugar than recipe call`s. I used little of that vanilla flavoured powdered sugar mixed with some brown,whole sugat and adding some cinnamon,ginger and bitter orange peel-mince.

Then I putt dough in those little baking tins and stamped them in owen and bake them tender about 15-20 minutes. They turned out really fantastic! Those little guys were really smelling awesome and they ALSO tasted wery good. Not too sweet, because those redcurrants are asidic kind of berries and I don`t put so much sugar in the dough(there was also lighty-vanilla flavoured soymilk and apple-pear puree in it-they also added some sweetenes and good flavour in dough). My littlebrother liked they allso and wanted to pick some with him when he was going out with hes friend.
So I can maybe say those "Bleeding(yep, those redberries looks like blood!!" deatmetal,"those once loyal"-muffins are also kid-friendly stuff ;)
I was doing those decorations with left-over green sugartopping and decorated some muffins with that Chaos eye-pattern which Bolt Thrower uses in their graphics.