Saturday, April 5, 2008

5.4.08 Bread Autopsy

My latest bakings were been muffins,more muffins and-suprise! Some bread!
Those buns were born because I was thinking at I was craving some fresh,straight from owen and mouth stuff for the "side" of my seitansausageslices.
I decided to try spelt,rye and grahamflours for making those buns and also some dried paprika mince which gives nice colour and tastines in dough. I used also some soaking liquid for sundried tomatoes and that was a good decicion. I added sesame,pumpkin and flaxseeds in dough and also decorated buns with them before I bake them.
The outcome was really great! I was eating these so many, they matched really great with my spicy seitanish sausage slices ;)
Because this blog is also about my other interests than making some booring- buns I named those bunnie`s according one of my favourite deathmetal band: Autopsy!So those bakings were The Seedy-Surgery buns.
Autopsy`s Mental funeral- record suited well also in that baking proces and outcome was really "guttural".... Surgery begins!


Urban Vegan said...

You're too funny, SW.

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

Yum! Those look really tasty.