Monday, December 31, 2007

31.12.07 last post in this year (I think)

This you can see my "home laboratorion" and equipments which I`m using when doing some "scientifical tests" and preparing those cookies in my surgerytable.. Like in hospital, and listening some music during the operation.
I think bands like Aborted and Carcass suits best in those situations when there is lots of strict work needed.. And also few words about this new year selebration conventions: I-HATE-THOSE-ROCKETS and FIREWORKS!!! thanks and happy new year when it comes. Bye.


Yesterday I decided to made some muffins. Just because I had so much of that green-topping left which I was used to made those decorations in my METAL-CAMOUFLAGE cookies.

So, because I was feeling that at I must need some heavy stuff again I decided to made some deathmetal-muffins..

What the hell is deathmetal muffin? Someone could think. OK, I can explain, its really simple answer: Deathmetal muffins are those muffins which are baked with listening some good deathmetal during that baking proces.
I was thinking hardly which record I would choose to listen and I ended up to choose that great Bolt Thrower`s newest album named "Those Once Loyal". I decide that allso because I haven`t listened it since long time. SO I started to mix ingredients of " those once loyal"-muffins with accompanient of that "ripping your head off"-guitar roaring and "crushing your face down"-bass wall`s(I ecpesially like the music which is really bass-tuned) I think Bolth Thrower is a one kind of music like that! No any useless melodies or other needless clansing "crab"-deathmetal needs no melodies, in it. I really honour their long lasting- work with deathmetal( the band was formed in 1986) but ecpecially their basist Jo Bench who is such a good player and one of the few women playing in a death metal band(and she`s also a vegetarian since 1984!). I really adorn her...

OK, but back to the baking proces. I searched some wery simply and quick recipe from my recipe folder and ended to made some rasberry(recipe calls to use rasberries) muffins, but because I haven`t any rasberries in my freezer I decided to put 1 cup of redcurrants in that dough. I also used more spices and smaller amount sugar than recipe call`s. I used little of that vanilla flavoured powdered sugar mixed with some brown,whole sugat and adding some cinnamon,ginger and bitter orange peel-mince.

Then I putt dough in those little baking tins and stamped them in owen and bake them tender about 15-20 minutes. They turned out really fantastic! Those little guys were really smelling awesome and they ALSO tasted wery good. Not too sweet, because those redcurrants are asidic kind of berries and I don`t put so much sugar in the dough(there was also lighty-vanilla flavoured soymilk and apple-pear puree in it-they also added some sweetenes and good flavour in dough). My littlebrother liked they allso and wanted to pick some with him when he was going out with hes friend.
So I can maybe say those "Bleeding(yep, those redberries looks like blood!!" deatmetal,"those once loyal"-muffins are also kid-friendly stuff ;)
I was doing those decorations with left-over green sugartopping and decorated some muffins with that Chaos eye-pattern which Bolt Thrower uses in their graphics.

31.12.07 Last hours of 2007....

Ok to night is the new years night.
But this is nothing to do with this "Plum soup" ("Luumukiisseli" in finnish) which I have eaten so much during this christmas time.
We, in there Finland used to like those berry and/or fruit dessert fools. This is wery easy and quick to made. In there Finland we used to eat this cinnamon flavoured plumsoup in christmas morning with riceporridge, sugar and dash of soymilk(vegans like me..). I thin this is also wery nice to eat plain, for afternoon snack with a cup of tea or in evenings before goig to sleep.
I really like this simple, but really tasty-kind of dessert. Someone can say it`s not wery nice looking stuff(as you can see in those pictures.. ;) ) but I really don`t care much how it`s looks if its still tastes good! ANd I always like to enjoy my plumsoup with that vanilla flavoured soymilk! Heavenly..

This is simple recipe for this goodie.

200 gr dried prunes
1 liter water
3 tbs(brown) sugar
1-2 cinnamon stick
2 tbs potato starch mixed with a drop of cold water

Cooking and Preparation Method
Rinse the prunes in cold water. Allow the fruit to soak for a few hours in water containing some sugar.
Boil the prunes in the sugar-water liquid until tender.Dissolve the potato starch in a drop of cold water and pour into the soup in a thin stream, whilst continuously stirring. Bring to boil and pour into a serving bowl and allow the soup to cool. Sprinkle with sugar and serve with soymilk or top of riceporridge.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

30.12.07 2007 METAL REVELATION

I`m really into metal music-I have been since years one and two I think.. ;)I really love those heavy, slow sounds and ripping electric guitar wals which are chrushing you down with colony of thunder like bass army! And in backround you hear this endless drumm battery smashing your nerves and every senses..
I decided to bring christmas gifts in this year. Not all my friends but those 3 guys who are also into metal and they like same bands as me-so I like decorate gingerbreads with logos of those bands which I also like. No shitty music y`l see?

I made those traditional Finnish- style gingerbreads-vegan ofcourse! And then decorated those large, round ones with logos of those 3 REALLY DOOMING bands. They turned out like great succes, those who got these presents liked them a lot.
And because I sometimes catch the inspiration to try made some things which I haven`t before try to made out I decided to make one test-kind of cookies.. And those cookies are birth just because of that at I was wanting to try how they looks if I made out my planning to try made some CAMOUFLAGE coloured vegan shortbreads, which ofcourse are topped with new band logo-decorations.
These were just test cookies, I like to play with food sometimes and now I was splashing with that green food colouring! Yau! Those camouflage cookies tastes almots chocolate, because that brown-part contains cocoa powder and cinnamon and that white(and green also because green is same as that white but coloured) tastes little like lime,ginger and pear because I used those all when making doughs.
That green frosting is made with vanilla flavoured powdered sugar and that food colouring so it`s makes also little taste of those metal shortbreads.

Left you`l see Morbid Angel one ..

...And right is Napal Death

Left: Cryptopsy

right:Electric Wizard

...And Iron Maiden, because my older brother ask me to made him that one! I think I also like Maiden`s early stuff, my favourite albums are ..hmmm, which of them all is my favourite, difficult because I do like at I like many of those albums.. ;) But I say that first where is still Dianno in vocals is still rocking well!

There is also Nile (if you can see that picture right, beside of that Annihiltaion of the wicked..) And there were Cannibal Corpse one but I eated it with my little brother (who also liked it was tasting good) and my dog(it was quite a LARGE cookie ;)) and listening ofcourse Cannibal Corpse`s music during that..

There is also some strange guys having their
nice, little cookie parties with those one giant,
Electric Wizard cookie..I think this is far much more cookie than those buddies can eat..?
(I have made those clay guys during my lessons with ceramics)
AND there is still one picture which you can see all of those cookies in same time.

3012.07 New year is coming..Some christmas foods

This is my christmas casserolles, traditional Finnish dishes! Those above are made of pureed carrot, syrup,cinnamon,salt,water,crushed bread crumbs and cooked barley(also a little dash of nutmeg and white pepper added. Those below are made of rutabaga,water,breadcrumbs,syrup and same spices as the carrot casserolle has in it.
I definitely like that rutabaga thing really much! I have some of this stuff stil in my freezer, so I can eat it when I want! Even in summer holiday or something..

This is yours ( I eat christmas dinner with my parents and littlebrother this time) dinner settings. You can see there is some green salad in front, marinated shiitakemushrooms by that rightside, above is some mustard-curry sauce made of silken tofu and creamy mushroomsallad made of soyyughurt,mixed salted mushrooms,salt fresh parsley and dash of white pepper. Yuo can also see that seitan-roast behind those mushrooms.

This is marinated tofu(with lots of soy sauce,fresh coriander,parsley,ginger,spring onions and garlic,black pepper,sweet and sour sauce and also some tomatopuree and spices). I baked it in a owen and we eat that as starter in your lunch with homemade springrolls and dipping sauce. It was wery good, I like those Asian-style spices! Behind is sauerkraut(I LOVE it) and green beans straight from jar.. ;)

This is also kind of marinated-bean salad! It was gorgeous, we got the inspiration to made this when we were eating lunch couple a days before christmas in one restaurant which serves only vegetarian food(also serves many lovely rawfood things!) and there were a marinated beansalad like this! We checked which it contains(there is always all ingredients showed in the lists) and then made it home. It was tasted just same like this one which we were eaten in these restaurant. It contains: lot of fresh coriander, parsley,chopped leek,sweet and sour sauce and tandoori masala-spice mixture+little dash of salt and soy sauce. AND sundried tomatoes.

This is your seitan-roast. I made it with one recipe I have writtened in Finnish, but I used also that Bryanna Grogan`s Seitan turkey-recipe when making this. You see, I sometimes will mix those different recipes and then turned them more tasty then. This is really succesfull and I think it`s also great when sliced cold topp of bread. I have still little left in my fridge and freezer.

And the last ones: our dreamlike chocolate-zuchini cake! It was really moist, soft, dark and GOOD! Everyone loved this, and that`s not the first time when my mother
(she is specializing to made this cake!) made it..
There is also used some dryed figs in this time, and because we don`t have that ready bought chrushed nut-mix we used allmond powder instead and noticed it also works.

And more desserts.. Christmas is the time of lots of sweet things.. I love those dryed peaches,apricots, melon bites and apple rings. There is also home made ginger breads(which I have decorated, but saddly there was lots of more those decorated ones befor my dog eat them all during I was out ..). And those little green wasabi chicpeas are one present I got from my mother.