Monday, December 31, 2007

31.12.07 Last hours of 2007....

Ok to night is the new years night.
But this is nothing to do with this "Plum soup" ("Luumukiisseli" in finnish) which I have eaten so much during this christmas time.
We, in there Finland used to like those berry and/or fruit dessert fools. This is wery easy and quick to made. In there Finland we used to eat this cinnamon flavoured plumsoup in christmas morning with riceporridge, sugar and dash of soymilk(vegans like me..). I thin this is also wery nice to eat plain, for afternoon snack with a cup of tea or in evenings before goig to sleep.
I really like this simple, but really tasty-kind of dessert. Someone can say it`s not wery nice looking stuff(as you can see in those pictures.. ;) ) but I really don`t care much how it`s looks if its still tastes good! ANd I always like to enjoy my plumsoup with that vanilla flavoured soymilk! Heavenly..

This is simple recipe for this goodie.

200 gr dried prunes
1 liter water
3 tbs(brown) sugar
1-2 cinnamon stick
2 tbs potato starch mixed with a drop of cold water

Cooking and Preparation Method
Rinse the prunes in cold water. Allow the fruit to soak for a few hours in water containing some sugar.
Boil the prunes in the sugar-water liquid until tender.Dissolve the potato starch in a drop of cold water and pour into the soup in a thin stream, whilst continuously stirring. Bring to boil and pour into a serving bowl and allow the soup to cool. Sprinkle with sugar and serve with soymilk or top of riceporridge.

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