Saturday, April 28, 2007

28.4.07 Baking

This is chocolate-truffel cake with "Wolf`s paw print"-design, which I was made today. The cake was wery tastefull and it is now whole eaten...

And the second cake which I was made yesterday evening: Tofu-strawberry cake with fresh strawberries and peaches. I like this cake wery mutch,taste was wery fruity and fresh!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

26.4.07 Some indian cookings, again!

OK, I like indian food and I like to made it sometimes together with my friend or family and have a "Indian dinner" or "Indian cooking night".. Then we used to made lots of differend kinds of vegan-Indian cookings and have a "long dinner" with nice looking servings and cosy atmosphere. I like that kinds of happenings, I hope we got that soon again!

This (above) was so good tasting(little lots of chili I think..) lentil curry.

..And yummy hummus with fresh herbs! (and you can also see that terrible, red, glittering rose candle which is not mine... My brother wanted it into table, I dont like those glittering, pink things so much, eh..)

And last, homemade Naan-bread with mango chutney and green sallad(and in that green cup there is my soy-youghurt Raita sauce). That Naan was good tasting and the crust of bread was crispy and little "hard" because I take them out from owen coupple of minutes too late.. But they were still tasting good.
In the end of that post I want to say sorry to all, because of my poor skills with writing english.. But I`m studying hard...

Monday, April 23, 2007

24.4.07 Having fun with pancace`s...

Hahaa! The first vegan pancace which I have ever made! Okay, its not "buffed-upp" so good (little flatt I mean... I think pancaces are wery "fluffy" or something..) but its tastes wery good because I add some blueberry soup in dough and made it for using whole-wheat flours.
Served with smashed, fresh berries.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

22.4.07 Grill stuff!

Yeah, it was in last weekend if I remember right when I made first grill foods in this year..

Starters: Vegan sushirolls and soysauce + extra "hot" wasabi paste, green sallad...

Grilled onions,garlics and eggplants,tomatoes, seitan/mushroom/pepper grill sticks and green sallad with soy youghurt sauce with herb seasoning..And BBQ-seitan ribs..

BBQ-marinaded seitan "ribs".. Helli`s good... Praise seitan again!

...And better picture of my mushroomish seitan grillsticks!

I`m just waiting for summer comes...

Thursday, April 5, 2007

5.4.07 Indian cooking

Usually if someone ask me which food I like most, I answer "somekind of Indian food". I Like Indian spices(lots of chili,curry,coriander,ginger,different peppers and herbs which they use during the cooking) and many indian- style vegan foods are wery tasty and HOT!

In the picture you can see my "indian-style dinner": lentil-tomato curry,cauliflower-mixed vegetables and peas-curry and tasty cucumber-mint-raita sauce(I use plain soy-youghurt and in this time also some "ready to use"-indian raita spice mixing)+ brown curcuma spiced rice and vegan "ready to eat"-Naanbread(I just heat it in the owen). And, ofcourse some green sallad.

At last time when I was making Indian food I was made Naanbread itself and it were lots of more tastefull than those "co-prepared" market bread.