Thursday, April 26, 2007

26.4.07 Some indian cookings, again!

OK, I like indian food and I like to made it sometimes together with my friend or family and have a "Indian dinner" or "Indian cooking night".. Then we used to made lots of differend kinds of vegan-Indian cookings and have a "long dinner" with nice looking servings and cosy atmosphere. I like that kinds of happenings, I hope we got that soon again!

This (above) was so good tasting(little lots of chili I think..) lentil curry.

..And yummy hummus with fresh herbs! (and you can also see that terrible, red, glittering rose candle which is not mine... My brother wanted it into table, I dont like those glittering, pink things so much, eh..)

And last, homemade Naan-bread with mango chutney and green sallad(and in that green cup there is my soy-youghurt Raita sauce). That Naan was good tasting and the crust of bread was crispy and little "hard" because I take them out from owen coupple of minutes too late.. But they were still tasting good.
In the end of that post I want to say sorry to all, because of my poor skills with writing english.. But I`m studying hard...

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Spice Island Vegan said...

Hhhmm...yum....I love Indian food..

Looks very delicious!