Thursday, April 5, 2007

5.4.07 Indian cooking

Usually if someone ask me which food I like most, I answer "somekind of Indian food". I Like Indian spices(lots of chili,curry,coriander,ginger,different peppers and herbs which they use during the cooking) and many indian- style vegan foods are wery tasty and HOT!

In the picture you can see my "indian-style dinner": lentil-tomato curry,cauliflower-mixed vegetables and peas-curry and tasty cucumber-mint-raita sauce(I use plain soy-youghurt and in this time also some "ready to use"-indian raita spice mixing)+ brown curcuma spiced rice and vegan "ready to eat"-Naanbread(I just heat it in the owen). And, ofcourse some green sallad.

At last time when I was making Indian food I was made Naanbread itself and it were lots of more tastefull than those "co-prepared" market bread.

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Spice Island Vegan said...

OH YEAH....I like Indian spices too. I like it SPICY too.