Thursday, April 10, 2008

10.4.2008 Smells like...CARCASS!

OK, first some important bubling about my- "again", music interests.. Carcass! They are coming Finland in this summer and they come to play reunion gig in Tuska-metal festival, here in Helsinki! Im so intereated to see them live(but havent got the ticket yet...I HAVE NO MONEY :( yet, but soon I will get it..). ANd today I visited in your new record store which was opened yesterday, and I notised I have enough money for only one record-only one!! There was so many good records!! I decided this Carcass-choise cuts compilation because I haven`t it yet(it was also cheap..) and I was thinking it maybe helps me a bit for this suffering cause of that long waiting for upcoming gig in summer.

Carcass are a British band formed by Napalm Death guitarist Bill Steer together with drummer Ken Owen in 1985. They are based in Liverpool. In 1987, bassist and vocalist Jeff Walker, formerly of the Electro Hippies, joined them, who grew up in the North East of England. Carcass have been a very influential band within the grindcore and death metal scenes. They disbanded in 1995, but will reunite in 2008. And we shall also notice that at in early days all of those guys were vegetrians and vegans! And I think some of them still are! Vegan,guttural and metal!
What could be any beter!!

This is a quote from one interwiew which Ken Owen tells a bit more:
"There's also talk that you guys were ironically vegetarian. Is there any truth to that?
KO: Yeah. Obviously, we had become vegetarians beforehand, but the vegetarianism and the death metal imagery we used in the lyrics is ironic, yes. "
...And inscribed for those guys I made this guttural, mushy,tasty vegan lasagna with nooch topping! It was awesome-and tasty looking like those carcass record covers....
This is one shot for my recent Autopsy buns, wiht some seitan salami and sundried tomatoes+ some news paper with interesting article about hard core punk+"Kilju"(=Finnish STRONG type of cheap, home made alcohol..Popular among those old school,HC-punks..).

Saturday, April 5, 2008

5.4.08 Bread Autopsy

My latest bakings were been muffins,more muffins and-suprise! Some bread!
Those buns were born because I was thinking at I was craving some fresh,straight from owen and mouth stuff for the "side" of my seitansausageslices.
I decided to try spelt,rye and grahamflours for making those buns and also some dried paprika mince which gives nice colour and tastines in dough. I used also some soaking liquid for sundried tomatoes and that was a good decicion. I added sesame,pumpkin and flaxseeds in dough and also decorated buns with them before I bake them.
The outcome was really great! I was eating these so many, they matched really great with my spicy seitanish sausage slices ;)
Because this blog is also about my other interests than making some booring- buns I named those bunnie`s according one of my favourite deathmetal band: Autopsy!So those bakings were The Seedy-Surgery buns.
Autopsy`s Mental funeral- record suited well also in that baking proces and outcome was really "guttural".... Surgery begins!