Sunday, December 30, 2007

30.12.07 2007 METAL REVELATION

I`m really into metal music-I have been since years one and two I think.. ;)I really love those heavy, slow sounds and ripping electric guitar wals which are chrushing you down with colony of thunder like bass army! And in backround you hear this endless drumm battery smashing your nerves and every senses..
I decided to bring christmas gifts in this year. Not all my friends but those 3 guys who are also into metal and they like same bands as me-so I like decorate gingerbreads with logos of those bands which I also like. No shitty music y`l see?

I made those traditional Finnish- style gingerbreads-vegan ofcourse! And then decorated those large, round ones with logos of those 3 REALLY DOOMING bands. They turned out like great succes, those who got these presents liked them a lot.
And because I sometimes catch the inspiration to try made some things which I haven`t before try to made out I decided to make one test-kind of cookies.. And those cookies are birth just because of that at I was wanting to try how they looks if I made out my planning to try made some CAMOUFLAGE coloured vegan shortbreads, which ofcourse are topped with new band logo-decorations.
These were just test cookies, I like to play with food sometimes and now I was splashing with that green food colouring! Yau! Those camouflage cookies tastes almots chocolate, because that brown-part contains cocoa powder and cinnamon and that white(and green also because green is same as that white but coloured) tastes little like lime,ginger and pear because I used those all when making doughs.
That green frosting is made with vanilla flavoured powdered sugar and that food colouring so it`s makes also little taste of those metal shortbreads.

Left you`l see Morbid Angel one ..

...And right is Napal Death

Left: Cryptopsy

right:Electric Wizard

...And Iron Maiden, because my older brother ask me to made him that one! I think I also like Maiden`s early stuff, my favourite albums are ..hmmm, which of them all is my favourite, difficult because I do like at I like many of those albums.. ;) But I say that first where is still Dianno in vocals is still rocking well!

There is also Nile (if you can see that picture right, beside of that Annihiltaion of the wicked..) And there were Cannibal Corpse one but I eated it with my little brother (who also liked it was tasting good) and my dog(it was quite a LARGE cookie ;)) and listening ofcourse Cannibal Corpse`s music during that..

There is also some strange guys having their
nice, little cookie parties with those one giant,
Electric Wizard cookie..I think this is far much more cookie than those buddies can eat..?
(I have made those clay guys during my lessons with ceramics)
AND there is still one picture which you can see all of those cookies in same time.


Seitan Said Dance said...

Camo cookies! Excellent!

Ashasarala said...

That is sooo awesome!!