Sunday, May 27, 2007

27.5.2007 Tofu and gift cookies

Thats simple post, some of my recent cookings are been quite simple, but they were tastes wery yummy. That picture above shows combine of tofu-carrot-red kale wok which was seasoned with nice touch of rasberry vinegar and pineapplejuice and lots of fresh ginger. Taste was wery fruity and fresh and I was serving it with that spicy(HOT)seitan-leftover,mushroom,bean sauce and green sallad(lots of fresh basil, I really like it) and plain soy-youghurt(I love to put it ewery food I eat!).

And this is my rasberryvinegar seasoned coocies whitch I was give to present for my mom in mother`s day. They were tasting so good, I was using that recipe:


urban vegan said...

Oh yum yum. Hope you post again soon!

Annelie said...

Kakorna ser jättegoda ut! bra idé att ge bort kakor, jag vet att jag skulle uppskatta det i alla fall =)

Annelie said...

If you dont understand my comment: the cookies looks great! it´s a good idea with gift cookies- i know i would appreciate it =)