Sunday, May 6, 2007

6.5.07 Praise seitan O`greatness and drink tomatojuice..

In couple of days ago I was making this spicy homemade tomato juice which eas really tasty and more flavourable than those ready-tomato juices what I can find in my near markets.
It was quite easy to made: I just opened one can of canned tomatochrush and adding some water,lots of spices and fresh herbs and littlebit of that tomato juice which I was bought to my near shop. I think I`m goingto make this soon again!

And on the lastweek (If I remember right..) I was making my first owen- baked "Seitan O`greatness"-seitan pepperoni sausage!! And thank`s to the "lord" I was trying to make it, because I can just say at this recipe is something so GREAT! I`m going to make this seitan sausages soon again. The taste was really good.. There you can see my rye-bread sandwhich topped with that vegan-pepperoni seitan and under that is picture of my first homemade seitan pepperoni..If you havn`t yet to try this recipe go check it out here:


Mihl said...

Hey, I just came across your blog and until now I had no idea there was another seitanist around!

UndergroundCooking said...

Hey that looks just perfect! whatta nice piece of seitan. :) thanks a lot for the link.

Urban Vegan said...

Seitan O'Greatness--the craze that's sweeping the blogosphere. I want to know who came up with that name and what's the story behind it.