Tuesday, November 6, 2007

6.11.2007 First snow..Beautines of great, mighty nature.

Hello! This is first time in this month when I post something in this blogger.. I had feel little tired during the last weeks, because of that at days are getting more darker and weather is getting colder..

SO I hope the snow rains fast and makes nature outside looks more lighty.

But in last sunday there was raining little snow! I wakeup in morning and looking out window when I noticed that and I feeling I must go out to take some photos and enjoying the beautifull, sunny day with my dog friend Nelli.
We walked long time in field and I took some nice photos of frosty trees and plants.. Nature is the most beautiest thing I know!

There is also photo for Nelli, she is over 8 years old now and I really love this sweet, fluffy friend. This is also picture which I have drawn her in year 2006.
Not any food things in this post, but its not important ;)


Rural Vegan said...

Nelli is beautiful! Collies have such wonderful personalities. No snow for me yet, thankfully!

Ashasarala said...

You drew that? That's such a wonderful picture. You are so good!

bazu said...

She's beautiful!