Monday, December 31, 2007


Yesterday I decided to made some muffins. Just because I had so much of that green-topping left which I was used to made those decorations in my METAL-CAMOUFLAGE cookies.

So, because I was feeling that at I must need some heavy stuff again I decided to made some deathmetal-muffins..

What the hell is deathmetal muffin? Someone could think. OK, I can explain, its really simple answer: Deathmetal muffins are those muffins which are baked with listening some good deathmetal during that baking proces.
I was thinking hardly which record I would choose to listen and I ended up to choose that great Bolt Thrower`s newest album named "Those Once Loyal". I decide that allso because I haven`t listened it since long time. SO I started to mix ingredients of " those once loyal"-muffins with accompanient of that "ripping your head off"-guitar roaring and "crushing your face down"-bass wall`s(I ecpesially like the music which is really bass-tuned) I think Bolth Thrower is a one kind of music like that! No any useless melodies or other needless clansing "crab"-deathmetal needs no melodies, in it. I really honour their long lasting- work with deathmetal( the band was formed in 1986) but ecpecially their basist Jo Bench who is such a good player and one of the few women playing in a death metal band(and she`s also a vegetarian since 1984!). I really adorn her...

OK, but back to the baking proces. I searched some wery simply and quick recipe from my recipe folder and ended to made some rasberry(recipe calls to use rasberries) muffins, but because I haven`t any rasberries in my freezer I decided to put 1 cup of redcurrants in that dough. I also used more spices and smaller amount sugar than recipe call`s. I used little of that vanilla flavoured powdered sugar mixed with some brown,whole sugat and adding some cinnamon,ginger and bitter orange peel-mince.

Then I putt dough in those little baking tins and stamped them in owen and bake them tender about 15-20 minutes. They turned out really fantastic! Those little guys were really smelling awesome and they ALSO tasted wery good. Not too sweet, because those redcurrants are asidic kind of berries and I don`t put so much sugar in the dough(there was also lighty-vanilla flavoured soymilk and apple-pear puree in it-they also added some sweetenes and good flavour in dough). My littlebrother liked they allso and wanted to pick some with him when he was going out with hes friend.
So I can maybe say those "Bleeding(yep, those redberries looks like blood!!" deatmetal,"those once loyal"-muffins are also kid-friendly stuff ;)
I was doing those decorations with left-over green sugartopping and decorated some muffins with that Chaos eye-pattern which Bolt Thrower uses in their graphics.

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ahaha! I love it!